Discount cards

With discount cards of Makey company you will have a unique opportunity to buy the goods from handcrafted genuine leather at a discount in our online shop and also in Makey brand stores.

There are two main types of discount cards:

  • 5% discount is given when making a one-time purchase for the amount over 100 Br;
  • 7% discount is given when making a one-time purchase for the amount over 150 Br.

Discount cards can be used:

  • in all Makey corporate chain stores;
  • in online shop.

To get a discount in online shop you need to enter your card number in the field provided for this purpose and to choose its nominal value during the ordering process.

The card-based discount is not allowed during the promotion time and on goods with special prices. The discount is available from the next purchase after you have been registered and received your card.

The discount card is available in case of payment for goods by installments using you Purchase card, “Halva” card or “Smart” card.

Welcome to purchasing!

Special offers for birthday celebrants

Customers who own the discount cards have the right to purchase goods at a double discount on their birthday: on one day of the period — 5 days before your birthday, 5 days after your birthday including the date of birth. The discount is given once in this period.

To get a discount the customer has to show any document which demonstrates the date of birth and also a discount card. When purchasing in our online shop, you need to attach the photo of your document in the field provided for this purpose.