05 July 2018

Over the period of several decades, Makey company has created more than 25 collections of genuine leather accessories. The brand constantly improves its manufacturing technologies and monitors the preferences of our customers.

Your ancestry from Makey brand!
30 may 2018

Have you ever wondered that only the older generation can tell us about the family history? Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers remember the details of events and facts which pass on by word of mouth. It is very important not to lose this information.

Franchise festival 2018 with Makey participation!
30 may 2018

Makey company has been actively participating in the activities where it can introduce as many people as possible to the unique Belarusian production of genuine leather accessories.

Makey brand was presented at the BUYBRAND Franchise Market!
30 may 2018

The BUYBRAND Franchise Market exhibition is held annualy in spring. In 2018 it opened on 28 March in Moscow at the VDNH and became a remarkable business event for franchisers and franchisees.

Makey brand has conquered Moscow!
30 may 2018

Last week Makey company took part in two exhibitions in Moscow, where introduced the original genuine leather goods to the guests and visitors of these events.

A new product among big Makey accessories!
30 may 2018

The beginning of spring is the time of inspiration. Makey company knows how it is important not only to notice the revival of nature outside but also to feel it inside.

New Makey store has been opened in Ryazan
24 January 2018

Makey corporate chain stores have been expanding in Russia.

Fashion-event with support from Makey took place in Belarus
05 December 2017

Makey company has been actively following the developments in different spheres of social life in Belarus. And it certainly couldn’t ignore a high-society event on the red carpet where all participants had beautiful leather bags!

New Makey brand store has been opened in Russia!
29 November 2017

One more store has joined Makey corporate chain in the city of Neftekamsk.

The Lapins’ playing cards is a project with soul!
20 November 2017
The Lapins’ playing cards project is a kindred spirit activity for us, that is why it has been a pleasure for Makey company to support the idea of restoring the most famous playing cards in the history of Belarus.
14 November 2017

The Savannah collection of Makey company is captured in leather, for instance on a passport cover, parching, such a long expected and rapid summer which will always be with you.

14 November 2017

The Renaissance is an epoch recognized for its great intellectual and artistic innovations. Originated at that time unique, exquisite, imbued with antique spirit style, as well as once appeared accessories from genuine leather, inspires a lot of people nowadays.