Payment and delivery

More than 20 years Makey Company deals with the production of accessories from handcrafted genuine leather. Each leather item, made by our craftsmen, is unique!

Working conditions in Belarus

Accepting orders

The orders are accepted seven days a week, round the clock. The orders are processed on working days from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Payment methods

Payment can be made in two ways:

1. ERIP (with free delivery by post)

You can pay for the Makey Company goods through the system “Raschet” (ERIP) at any time, place and banking services outlet most convenient to you: through Internet Banking, with the help of Mobile Banking, at self-service terminals, bank cash department, ATM, etc.

You can make payment using cash, electronic money and payment cards at banking services outlets which provide payment acceptance services and also through E-banking tools. To make the payment, you need:

  1. To choose “System “Raschet” (ERIP).
  2. Online shops/services.
  3. M.
  5. To enter the order number to pay for the “Goods”.
  6. To check the accuracy of the information.
  7. To make the payment.

If you make payment at a bank cash department, please inform a cashier about the necessity to make payment through the system “Raschet” (ERIP).

2. Cash on delivery (COD)

Cash on delivery is a possibility to pay for the leather goods order at the post office at the time of its receipt. You will have to make an extra payment for the return postal order:

  1. 3% for order amount up to 100 Br (but no less than 1 Br).
  2. 2% for order amount between 100 Br and 300 Br
  3. 1% for order amount between 300 Br and 500 Br
  4. 0,5% for order amount more than 500 Br


1. Postal item

  1. Delivery of goods is carried out by RUP “Belpochta” services.
  2. The parcel will be handed over to you after you show your personal identification document..
  3. Don’t forget to specify a postcode. The parcel with a postcode arrives straight to your post office, the parcel without a postcode is sent to be sorted to the head post office of your city.
  4. Delivery throughout Belarus takes 3-4 days and entirely depends on the work of post office services.

Delivery is carried out to your post office. In addition, the postman leaves a notice in your post box with which you can collect your order.

Delivery of goods is free of charge and is carried out only on the territory of Belarus.

2. Courier service in the city of Minsk

The delivery by a courier is free of charge!

Time of goods delivery:

  1. Delivery is carries out on working days. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are the days off.
  2. On the same day when the order is placed to 2.00 p.m. and the goods are available in stock.
  3. On the following day when the order is placed from 2.00 p.m. and the goods are available in stock.

Time of goods delivery by a courier is from 1.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Payment is made upon delivery in cash by your plastic card or through the system “Raschet” ERIP.

Courier can bring goods in several colours (if available) or some models of different design to choose from and you can make up your mind on the spot.

Courier will bring you the parcel to the address specified in your order.

The parcel will be handed over to you after you show your personal identification document.

Order cancellation

If you have any questions regarding order cancellation, refund, provision of interchangeable goods, replacement of goods or the other cases, please contact us in a way convenient for you. For more information about the return and replacement of goods, see here.

Working conditions in the Russian Federation

Delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region:

  1. Delivery by a courier is carried out with total order amount no less than 3000 rub.
  2. Delivery in Moscow and within the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) is 300 rub.
  3. Delivery is carried out after coordinating the delivery time between you and our manager, who will call you within 24 hours (if this date doesn’t fall on a day off or a public holiday). The order is considered to be accepted only after confirmation.
  4. Express delivery is possible, the cost is 500 rub. It is agreed on separately with our manager by phone, is carried out only if there are free couriers at the moment.
  5. Delivery outside the MKAD is agreed on separately.

Telephone support: +7(925)060-07-79, +7(499)951-04-72.

Delivery throughout the Russian Federation:

  1. Delivery within Russia outside Moscow and the Moscow region is carried out with total order amount no less than 3000 rub.
  2. Delivery is carried out by the Russian post office services and also by any other transportation or postal company at your discretion.
  3. Delivery is carried out at the expense of the customer according to tariffs specified by postal and transportation firms.
  4. Delivery time depends on the company you choose and the delivery urgency.
  5. Delivery of fragile goods is carried out with the condition of compulsory insurance against accidental damage or loss at the expense of the customer.
  6. Payment for goods is made by bank transfer on full prepayment basis.

For more information about the order delivery and payment, please call: +7(925)060-07-79 or ask your questions by e-mail:, we will be happy to answer them.

For wholesale customers:

All prices in our online shop are consumer prices.

Conditions of wholesale purchasing:

  1. When order amount is more than 50000 rub., we will give you a discount up to 50%. Contact our manager to get the detailed information about the conditions of wholesale purchasing: +7(929)9988871.
  2. We provide wholesale distribution in Moscow and to all regions in Russia. We work with the leading transportation companies. If you have any suggestions regarding the transportation company, we will take them into consideration when the goods are shipped to you.
  3. The conditions of wholesale purchasing are actual both for legal entities and private individuals.