Frequently asked questions with answers

1. How to buy goods in your online shop?

Our online shop is available only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. For purchasing you only need to add the goods you wish to the shopping cart and to choose the most convenient way to pay. The finished order will arrive at your post office or will be delivered by a courier. After you order is placed, the administrator of our online shop will call you to specify the order. In addition, the postman will leave a notice in your post box.

2. Are the prices on the website current?

Yes, the prices are current, it could not be otherwise.

3. What is an individual order?

An individual order is a possibility to engrave the initials, any print on our products. For example, it is possible to manufacture a business card holder with the logo of your company, a key case with your initials, etc.

4. How to make an individual order?

For the manufacture of custom-made goods, please describe your preferences (it may be a text or an attached image) during your purchase processing in our online shop.

5. I’ve got my favourite pen/folder/book/etc. Is it possible to stretch leather over them?

No. The individual orders are accepted only on the basis of standard products that we have in our catalogue.

6. I’ve placed my order online. How long will it take to get it?

We usually have the most popular models in stock. In the absence of a product, the time of manufacture is usually up to 14 working days. Then the product is sent by post. The delivery time entirely depends on RUP “Belpochta” and takes 3-4 working days.

7. Is it possible to deliver goods by a courier?

At the moment the delivery by a courier is available only in the city of Minsk. The delivery to other cities and regions is carried out by means of postal items.

8. How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery is absolutely free of charge.

9. I live in the city of Minsk and I have no time to wait for the order from online shop. Where can I buy your products?

The list of Makey stores in your city you can find HERE . 

10. What do the different order statuses mean?

They show the progress of your order.
Awaiting – the application is waiting for being processed by the specialist of Makey company.
Processing – the order is accepted by our specialist, the products are being manufactured by the craftsmen of Makey company.
Shipped – the order has been completed and shipped.

11. The status of my order has been “Shipped” for a week and I haven’t received it yet.

Probably your post office has already received the parcel. Sometimes Belpochta staff members forget to leave a notice in your post box. You can track your order on the Belpochta website . using your tracking number. In this case, go to your post office and ask for a parcel addressed to somebody whose name you have specified when ordering.

12. The status of my order is “Shipped”. How do I know where my order is?

You should enter the website using your user name and log in by clicking your name at the top right corner above the shopping cart. Then you should go to the section “Orders” and click the necessary order number.
After your order has been shipped, the link “Track the order on RUP Belpochta website” will appear on this page. Click the link and you will see where your order is.

13. I’m trying to track my order but could understand almost nothing. When can I collect it?

You can collect the order with the passport of a person whose name you have specified when ordering. In this case, the status of your parcel should appear as follows:
“Arrived at the post office processing center” (хххххх)", where хххххх is the number of your post office.

14. How can I get a wholesale price list?

We send a wholesale price list to legal entities and private entrepreneurs. To get it, you should call 8-0152-41-42-00, 8-0152-48-22-17 or email us at